Meet our climate change portfolio holder

Meet our climate change portfolio holder

Join us in welcoming our new climate change focused portfolio holder to Chesterfield Borough Council.

Councillor Martin Stone, cabinet member for Climate Change, Planning and the Environment, was elected to the new position following the May 2023 elections. Councillor Stone’s brief includes the local plan and development control, waste management and recycling, streetscene and grounds maintenance services, the borough’s cemeteries, and Chesterfield crematorium. However, climate change and its consequences are subjects that Councillor Stone has had a personal interest in for a long time. He explained:  

"I have campaigned on environmental issues since the 1970s. My early concerns related to pollution and the use of insecticides but over the last 20 years climate change has gradually come to dominate my thoughts and actions.

“I have five children and seven grandchildren, and I want to do what I can to make sure the world is a safe and beautiful place for them to grow up in. Over the years, I have worked with several community groups who are active in responding to the challenges presented by climate change. I look forward to working with them and others to achieve Chesterfield Borough Council’s climate change commitments.

Looking ahead, Councillor Stone said: "The journey to a carbon neutral future is challenging and will take time. However, the council’s commitment is clear. We will put our own house in order by decarbonising our buildings and vehicles. We will continue to improve the energy efficiency of our council housing stock and invest in the biodiversity of our parks and open spaces. We will also reach out to our communities and encourage our tenants, residents and businesses to take their own carbon reduction actions whether that be cutting down on unnecessary travel, recycling more or investing in solar panels."

Last updated on 08 August 2023