Get your barcode

Get your barcode

If you want to pay us at a Post Office or PayPoint outlet you will need a barcode.

Your barcode is usually printed on the bill, letter or invoice that we sent you about your payment. If you have lost your paperwork, or if it doesn't show a barcode, you can create one here:

Screenshot the barcode on your phone, or print out a copy to take with you when you make a payment. If you lose the barcode you can create it again, as many times as you like.

Where to find your account number

Your reference number should be on any bill, invoice or other document we have sent to you. If you can't find your number contact our Customer Service team and we will tell you what number to use.

Where to pay

You can also use a barcode to pay at our kiosks at the Customer Service Centre and Healthy Living Centre.

Remember to keep your receipt in case you need to contact us about your payment.

Last updated on 10/07/2024