Competency framework

Competency framework

The council competency framework is a behavioural framework and it supports the delivery of the council plan, people plan and supports the performance management framework.

The competency framework sets out how we want people in the council to work. It puts the council values of customer focused, can do, one council one team and honesty and respect at the heart of everything we do.

Competencies are behaviours that lead to successful performance. The framework outlines nine competencies, which are grouped into four clusters under our council values.

For each competency there is a description of what it means in practice and some examples of effective behaviours at all levels. The competencies are intended to be discrete and cumulative, with each level building on the levels below, for example. a person demonstrating a competence at level three should be demonstrating levels one and two.

These indicators of behaviour are not designed to be comprehensive but provide a clear and consistent sense of what is expected from individuals in the council. The levels apply to the following groups of people

Level 1 - All Employees

Level 2 - Professional/Technical Officers, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

Level 3 - Corporate Management Team (CMT) and Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Last updated on 05/04/2024