Competency framework - Level one

Competency framework - Level one

Level one - All employees


One council one team – seeing the bigger picture, collaboration and partnering


Keep up to date with a broad range of issues relating to the work of the council. Focus on the overall goals of the council and what they are trying to achieve. Understand how their service area impacts the bigger picture.

Develop understanding of how own and team’s work supports achievement of council priorities and delivery to the residents of the borough.

Take an active interest in expanding their knowledge of areas related to own role.

Read and understand the council’s policies ensuring that all work undertaken is in line with them and the council’s values.

Consider the views of all stakeholders to gain a wider picture of local and national topics.

Actively encourage team working, changing ways of working to facilitate collaboration for the benefit of the team’s work. Readily identify opportunities to share knowledge, information and learning, proactively seek information, resources and support from others outside own immediate team in order to help achieve results.

Take responsibility for creating a working environment that encourages equality, diversity and inclusion.


Can do – changing and improving, delivering at pace, developing self and others

Understand and apply new technology to achieve efficient and effective results.

Take the initiative to suggest ideas for improvements sharing this feedback with others in a constructive manner.

Co-operate with and be open to change and consider ways to implement and adapt to change. Identify, resolve or escalate the positive and negative effects that change may have on own role/team, whilst remaining positive about the need for change.

Work in an organised manner with energy and pace using own knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and to standard. Regularly review the progress of projects or activity.

Take responsibility for the quality of own work and keep manager informed of how the work is progressing, taking ownership for own area of responsibility.

Take ownership of problems in their own area of responsibility.

Set and achieve challenging goals for self. Identify own skills, knowledge and behaviour gaps to inform own development plan and discuss these with the line manager.

Achieving your own learning and development objectives and seek opportunities for improvement through continuous learning. Encourage and be open to developmental feedback from others.

Share learning with team and colleagues; contribute to the team’s shared learning and understanding.

Check own and team performance against outcomes, make improvement suggestions or take corrective action when problems are identified.

Take account of the diverse skills and contributions of team members and work together to improve the capabilities of all.

Proactively support the development plans of others.


Customer focused – delivering value for money services, managing a quality service

Challenge others appropriately where they see wastage.

Understand that all actions have a cost and choose the most effective way to do something in a resource efficient way.

Manage information and financial data so that it is accurate, easily located and reusable.

Take opportunities to challenge misuse of resources in order to achieve value for money and sustainable ways of working.

Ensure that recognised control procedures and practices are maintained.

Monitor resources against plans and budget, identify and flag up variances.

Embrace new technology to work in a lean, agile way, supporting digital changes to work processes.

Communicate in a way that meets and anticipates the customer’s requirements and gives a favourable impression of the council.

Actively seek information from customers to understand their needs and expectations and manage information appropriately. Encourage customers to access relevant information or support that will help them understand and use services more effectively.

Take ownership of issues, focus on providing the right solution and keep customers and delivery partners up to date with progress.

Act to prevent problems, reporting issues where necessary.

Gain the knowledge needed to follow the relevant legislation, policies, procedures and rules that apply to the job.

Encourage customers to access relevant information or support that will help them understand and use services more effectively.


Honesty and respect – Leading and communicating, making effective decisions

Display enthusiasm around goals and activities – adopting a positive approach when interacting with others, ensuring appropriate communication methods are used.

Put forward their own views in a clear and constructive manner, by listening to, understanding, respecting and accepting the value of different ideas and ways of working. Act in a fair and respectful way in dealing with others, demonstrating the council values at all times.

Confront and deal promptly with inappropriate language or behaviours, including bullying, harassment or discrimination.

Confidently handle challenging conversations or interviews.

Demonstrate accountability and make unbiased decisions based on council policies. Explain clearly, verbally and in writing, how a decision has been reached.

Monitor and store data securely and accurately, confidentially and responsibly in line with policy.

Speak with the relevant people in order to obtain the most accurate information and get advice when unsure of how to proceed and provide advice and feedback to support others to make accurate decisions.

Last updated on 23/11/2023