Scale of fees

Scale of fees

Schedule of fees with effect from 1 April 2024

Standard search - form LLC1 and CON29 required

£174.20 inclusive of 20% VAT

Official Search of the Local Land Charges Register, form LLC1 including issue of official certificate of search

In respect of one parcel of land, residential or commercial:

  • (a) in any one part of the register - N/A
  • (b) in the whole of the register - £59.80

In addition in respect of each parcel of land above one, where under Rule 11(3) more than one parcel is included in the same requisition (whether the requisition is for a search in the whole or in any part of the Register) - £10

CON29 Required Enquiries, 2016 Edition

  • (a) one parcel of land (please see separate information sheet for price per enquiry) - £95.33 plus 20% VAT = £114.40
  • (b) each additional parcel - £10 plus 20% VAT = £12

CON29 Optional Enquiries

  • Numbered 3 to 22, each enquiry - £7.80 plus 20% VAT = £9.36

All enquiries £7.80 plus 20% VAT = £9.36. Question numbers 17,21 & 22  £22.50 plus 20% VAT = £27

Other service fees relating to Local Land Charges

  • registration of a charge in Part 11 of the Register - £67
  • filing a definitive certificate of the Lands Tribunal under rule 10(3) - £2.50
  • filing a judgement, order or application for the variation or cancellation of an entry in Part 11 of the Register - £7
  • inspection of documents filed under rule 10 in respect of each parcel of land - £2.50
  • duplicate search results (free of charge if requested within 2 weeks of dispatch date) - £10
  • office copy of any entry in the Register (not including a copy extract of any plan or document filed pursuant to these Rules) - £1.50
  • office copy of any plan or other document filed pursuant to these Rules - such reasonable fee as may be fixed by the registered authority according to the time and work involved

Statutory fees
Personal search in the whole or in part of the Register - nil

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Contact details

Address for search requisitions:

Legal Services
Chesterfield Borough Council
Town Hall, Rose Hill
S40 1LP

Document Exchange: Chesterfield Borough Council
DX 12356
Chesterfield 1

Phone: 01246 959779
Fax: 01246 345270

Access the National Land and Property Gazetteer (on the GeoPlace website)
Access the National Land Information Service (NLIS) website

Drainage enquiries

Drainage and Water Search Service provided by Yorkshire Water, via:
Phone: 0800 138 5385

With additional information available on

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