Staveley and Rother Valley Corridor

Staveley and Rother Valley Corridor

We carried out a consultation on the Staveley and Rother Valley Area Action Plan – Preferred Option.

Thank you to those who submitted comments; these will be reported to the council's Local Plan steering group and used in the preparation of a version of the plan to be submitted to the Secretary of State at a later date. There will be a further opportunity to comment on this submission plan at a date to be announced. In the meantime, the representations received on the preferred options can be viewed here.

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SRVCPO1 Ashmore PDF (PDF 61 KB)
SRVCPO2 Natural England PDF (PDF 1.16 MB)
SRVCPO3 Coal Authority PDF (PDF 59 KB)
SRVCPO4 Sport England PDF (PDF 152 KB)
SRVCPO6.1 Chesterfield Civic Society PDF (PDF 22 KB)
SRVCPO6.2 Chesterfield Civic Society Supplementary PDF (PDF 29 KB)
SRVCPO7 Fitzwise and Suon PDF (PDF 41 KB)
SRVCPO9 English Heritage PDF (PDF 171 KB)
SRVCPO10.1 Omnivale Ltd Lagoon Character Area PDF (PDF 131 KB)
SRVCPO10.2 Omnivale Ltd Coal Extraction PDF (PDF 146 KB)
SRVCPO10.3 Omnivale Ltd Connections Objectives PDF (PDF 129 KB)
SRVCPO10.4 Omnivale Ltd Housing Objectives PDF (PDF 116 KB)
SRVCPO11 C and NED Ramblers PDF (PDF 40 KB)
SRVCPO12 St Gobain PDF (PDF 202 KB)
SRVCPO12 St Gobain Response Form PDF (PDF 103 KB)
SRVCPO13 DCC Archaeologist PDF (PDF 57 KB)
SRVCPO14 Chatsworth Settlement Trustees PDF (PDF 181 KB)
SRVCPO15 Heath and Hardy Trust PDF (PDF 36 KB)
SRVCPO16.1 William Davis Regeneration PDF (PDF 41 KB)
SRVCPO16.2 William Davis Housing PDF (PDF 36 KB)
SRVCPO16.3 William Davis Connections PDF (PDF 41 KB)
SRVCPO17 Peacock and Smith PDF (PDF 150 KB)
SRVCPO18 Fentech for AR and M Rodgers PDF (PDF 36 KB)
SRVCPO19 Fentech for G Kangley PDF (PDF 36 KB)
SRVCPO20 DCC Summary Response PDF (PDF 2.24 MB)
SRVCPO21 Yorkshire Water PDF (PDF 26 KB)
SRVCPO22 Environment Agency PDF (PDF 21 KB)

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The Area Action Plan will contain regeneration proposals for the former industrial land alongside the River Rother near Brimington and Staveley, including the former Staveley Works site. The plan sets out how the site could be redeveloped over the next 10 to 15 years and contains proposals for a new community of up to 2,000 houses and 30,000 sq m of new employment land, a new local centre accessible to existing residents in the surrounding area and improvements to the river and canal environments. Proposals also include a new spine road through the site to improve access and in the future be connected to a longer Staveley-Brimington bypass.

How was the Area Action Plan prepared?

The council, jointly with Chatsworth Settlement Trust (the main landowner) and the Homes and Communities Agency (formerly English Partnerships), commissioned a feasibility study in 2008 to identify the issues in this area and what uses might be appropriate for the future. The study was prepared by Taylor Young Ltd., who previously prepared the successful masterplan for the A61 corridor area in Chesterfield (which included the Chesterfield Waterside project and Dema Glass site).

A baseline report gathered background information about the site on topics such as ground conditions, flood risk, transport and access, and resulted in four options, which were the subject of public consultation in 2009 and informed the preparation of the preferred option plan.

Issues and options

An 'issues and options' public consultation took place from June to August 2009. The aim of the consultation was to get views from landowners and the local community as to what the best long-term planning options for the site might be.

The comments made during this consultation were then used as part of the process of scoring the development options to find which was the best fit. This process also considered how the options performed in terms of environmental, traffic, regeneration and visibility.

A sustainability scoping report has been prepared that looks at the environmental, social and economic issues affecting the site and the wider area.

If our documents are not accessible to you, you can request a different format here.
SRVC AAP Preferred Option November 2012 PDF (PDF 3.84 MB)
SRVC Options Report PDF (PDF 3.39 MB)
Staveley AAP Feasibility Study Options Appraisal – Revised PDF (PDF 3.07 MB)
Chapter 1: Executive Summary PDF (PDF 317 KB)
Chapter 2: Introduction PDF (PDF 2.17 MB)
Chapter 3: Planning Policy Context, Part 1 PDF (PDF 3.73 MB)
Chapter 3: Planning Policy Context, Part 2 PDF (PDF 406 KB)
Chapter 4: Geo Environmental Study PDF (PDF 769 KB)
Chapter 5: Transport Infrastructure, Part 1 PDF (PDF 3.33 MB)
Chapter 5: Transport Infrastructure, Part 2 PDF (PDF 1.64 MB)
Chapter 6: Flood Risk PDF (PDF 1.7 MB)
Chapter 7: Property Market Overview PDF (PDF 150 KB)
Chapter 8: Urban Landscape Analysis, Part 1 PDF (PDF 2.93 MB)
Chapter 8: Urban Landscape Analysis, Part 2 PDF (PDF 2.48 MB)
Chapter 9: Consultation PDF (PDF 90 KB)
Chapter 10: SWOT Summary, Part 1 PDF (PDF 2.93 MB)
Chapter 10: SWOT Summary, Part 2 PDF (PDF 2.49 MB)
SRVC Sustainability Appraisal PDF (PDF 1.73 MB)

How can I find out more?

If you want to find out more, please contact:

Alan Morey on 01246 345371 or by email at
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